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Winter Fashion Trends of 2021

As we say goodbye to Fall, Winter is waiting right around the corner and we can finally pull out our puffers and scarves! Winter fashion trends of 2021 are making their debut and it is going to be a good one! What we’ve been seeing so far includes fur-trimmed coats, mini-skirts paired with tights, and the famous sweater vests–more of a Gossip girl chic, if you will. Big sweaters and cardigans have also been a hit lately, just in time for Thanksgiving. Ugg boots and loafers have also been making appearances. Winter is always the time to get creative with your style–most importantly layer, layer, layer!!! If you want to be creative, layer a turtleneck with your best vest or sweater. I like to spice it up by adding a cute hat or gloves to the outfit! Either way, follow these tips and you will be ready for Winter 2021!