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Will Instagram Reels Replace TikTok?

With the uncertainty over the future of the insanely popular video app TikTok, Facebook has sensed opportunity. Instagram Reels is Facebook’s attempt to offer its users a one stop shop for all of its content creators, users and consumers.

Just like TikTok, Instagram reels allows users to create and share 15-second videos. Because it is built into the app, Reels has the potential to reach a wider audience which is what creators are going for. While creators might be unsure about Instagram’s Explore algorithm, VP of Product Vishal Shah emphasizes “We have not historically been very good at helping new creators find an audience,” he said. “The pitch for new creators is that Reels is a way for you to get discovered. It’s a way to find a global audience.”

If Instagram can convince its content creators that they can reach new followers as well as giving users more of a reason to stay on the app, Reels could be the new TikTok. Not to mention Reels has launched at the worst possible time for TikTok due to the possibility of it getting banned. Many TikTok stars are encouraging their followers to follow them on other apps which could give instagram reels great exposure.

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