Why You Should Use TikTok

Calling all influencers!!!

TikTok is HUGE right now and it’s definitely where you want to be uploading content. TikTok has given so many people crazy opportunities. A 60 second clip can end up changing your life. Having a TikTok also keeps you updated with all the latest trends in music, fashion, skincare, makeup, etc. Many people think TikTok is only for kids but thats not the case at all. This app is for EVERYONE. It is much easier getting a brand to notice you on TikTok than it is on a lot of the other social media platforms. There are so many different kinds of content you can post on TikTok that can make you stand out from the rest. There is also a creator fund once you meet the criteria to qualify. If there’s one thing you should start doing in 2021, it should be posting on TikTok.