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Why Pinterest is the Best Platform for Business Exposure

If you aren’t already on Pinterest… then run (don’t walk) to your computer and sign up for FREE today. 

More users than ever are on Pinterest. Just last year, data revealed that Pinterest was the third-largest social media platform in the U.S. with around 82.4 million users. The unique thing about Pinterest is that it connects its users with content specific to their interests, so they’re not just seeing limited content from the people they follow.

If you have a business account, Pinterest provides you with in-depth analytics on your pins so that you can then develop and put out similar content in order to increase impressions on the platform. 

Worried that if you have a smaller following on Pinterest your content won’t get seen? No need to worry. If you utilize descriptions that optimize strong key words, a call-to-action and relevant hashtags, your content will climb up the algorithm. Majority of accounts on Pinterest have an insanely larger number of monthly viewers than they have followers.

At the end of the day, your followers aren’t just seeing your content, it is anyone on the platform who has viewed or searched content similar to yours!

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