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Why Photographers Are Using Twitter to Gain Exposure

Because Instagram is the obvious social media platform for promoting your photos, breaking into the Twitter community will give your photography the competitive exposure you are yearning for.

The engagement features on Twitter enable you to build a community of followers who can all mutually benefit from each other.

Retweets and Favorites:

Most active Twitter users are not regularly present on other platforms, allowing you to introduce yourself to a brand new audience.

All tweets are created equally, meaning that the right content posted at the right time with the right hashtags could be seen by millions.

Favoriting and retweeting posts by accounts you admire often leads to harnessing their attention and being liked or retweeted back.


Twitter creates customized selections of trending hashtags relevant to you, your location, and your following. 

Adding three or four relevant hashtags to your tweet will ensure more exposure.

#Photography posts, for example, are viewed 15 million times per hour.

Hijacking trending hashtags before they take off is the best way to gain optimal exposure.


While spamming or overdoing mentions can come across as acting desperate for attention, mentioning accounts strategically will ensure more publicity for your account.

However you choose to interact with your followers, be sure to stay true to yourself and your most important audience: your clients. Inform the conversation, stay active, and follow @castingcoin on Twitter to gain exposure within our community.