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Why Makeup Artists Should Become Beauty YouTubers

As a makeup artist, sharing your talents with the world is paving the way for beauty and the cosmetics industry. Everyday, so many people are looking for beauty information and advice, and the main place they are doing so is through YouTube.

Becoming a Beauty YouTuber is a big step, but it is necessary if you are hoping to expand your brand and build an audience. Below are a few reasons makeup artist should look into becoming YouTubers.

1. Build a Portfolio

By posting your makeup looks, tips, and tricks to your YouTube channel, you are growing a portfolio for future clients to look that. It shows that you take your professional career seriously, and is also a way to show your viewers what products and techniques you use in the beauty process.

2. Grow Your Audience

By posting frequently, you will begin to grow a large base of people who are interested in your makeup looks. If you keep it fresh, unique, and fun, more and more people will begin to notice you. Make sure to use the right tags and target your desired audience!

3. Relationships with Makeup Brands

In order to start getting noticed, it is important to be transparent with which brands you use the most and why you like them. It’s also a great idea to tag the brands to get your name out there. This could lead to sponsorships, collaborations, and features with brands that you already love!

If you are a makeup artist and would like to be featured in our Beauty YouTube series, please reach out to! Watch our previous video on the channel!