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Who is M2U NYC Cosmetics?

In the past week, one of our very own makeup artists, Jannica Sherry, produced a collaboration video featuring all M2U NYC products. This video was posted to our YouTube channel where it gained thousands of views!

In honor of the YouTube video, we wanted to share some information regarding M2U NYC and their purpose as a makeup company!

M2U NYC, or in other words, M(akeup) 2 U, is a cosmetics company whose purpose is to give their consumers an affordable, high quality, and stylish makeup routine. Their products are solely produced in New York City, where they find it the easiest to reach their target market.

M2U NYC focuses on three main points: quality, style, and value. The quality of their products is their #1 priority. All of their products are vegan and paraben-free, and they also never test on animals! The style of their products is based off of the aesthetic of New York City. They want to bring the chicness and and energy to every product. Fun fact, M2U’s packaging is all designed by local NYC students. Lastly, they want the value of their products to be high-quality but also low cost. They cut out the middleman and deliver directly to their consumers.

We are SO glad we got the chance to collaborate with this amazing cosmetics company! We would like to thank M2U NYC for being generous enough to send Jannica some of their beautiful products and letting us feature them on our channel. We look forward to more collaborations with M2U NYC!

If you would like to watch the YouTube video, you can find it here.