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What the World Lost Along with Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake, born in Hiroshima, Japan (1938) passed away on the 5th of August. Miyake was one of the greatest minds in fashion for a multitude of reasons, who’s impact bled into the rest of the world. One of the most influential aspects of his work was in the field of sustainable fashion, which reimagined entirely how we view fashion.

Miyake’s work throughout his long, long career had an emphasis on altering features of the more Western focused designs that dominated the global fashion scene for decades, with changes ranging from slight adjustments to Eurocentric trends, to completely inverting entire aesthetic systems. This path he undertook of modifying extremely popular trends led him to the world of sustainable fashion. 

Miyake’s input paved the way for countless modern day sustainable concepts, techniques, and even entire collections. One of his most ingenious and impactful works was his A-POC collection (pictured above). Standing for A Piece of Cloth, the collection was exactly that. Designed to be quite literally zero waste, A-POC featured a single piece of fabric, typically styled as a scarf, which had a series of tesselating indents and outlines printed on it. These outlines could be cut out by the wearer to transform the scarf into a variety of different clothing and accessory items, from dresses, to socks, to handbags. The sustainable aspect of this collection was that no fabric was ever wasted.  What would usually be discarded as waste, thanks to the ingenuitive tessellating design, the excess fabric would become gloves, hats, and other items. A-POC was one of many of Miyake’s highly regarded collections that provided an entirely different view on fashion.

Ultimately, Miyake’s impact on the world of fashion and design will be surely missed, as along with the man himself, we also lost the mind that allowed his immensely creative, innovative, and out of the box ideas to flow into our world, giving us new ways to look at the clothes we wear every day of our lives.

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