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Ways to Recycle and Repurpose Old Clothing

Bringing out clothes for the season we are in or cleaning out your closet can make you realize many things. You may notice you have pieces you may not want anymore or it may be old and out of season. There are many different things you can do with your clothing and even possibly make money to save or even buy new clothes.


Donating is a great way to get rid of clothes. You can donate to charity, non-profit organizations or other local organizations around you. Some great places to donate are Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and many other organizations.

Selling Clothes on Platforms

Selling your clothes is a great way to make money back for what you have previously bought. There are different platforms you can sell your clothes to like Instagram, Poshmark, Depop, and many other similar platforms. What I’ve seen is people make accounts to specifically sell their used clothing, but it is your job to upload pictures and get the person their product. Another option to sell is by posting it on your regular page or Instagram story for your followers and the people that live locally to you.

Poshmark and Depop is an application that allows you to buy and sell your pieces. They give you an option to ship your products yourself or receive a shipping label from them. This results in getting a deduction on your sales if they provide you with a shipping label, but all you have to do is send it out.

Second hand stores, Thrift stores, and Consignment stores

Selling clothes at second hand stores, thrift shops, and consignment stores can be useful because these stores do the selling for you. Unfortunately, you may not make much profit because they buy your clothes and set them up at their own price. This allows them to make profit for what they are buying from you. Also a thing to note is some stores won’t pay you for the items until it is sold. Thrift shops do allow you to trade clothing or give you store credit for the clothes they buy from you.

Upcycling clothes

Upcycling clothes can allow you to get creative with your clothes. There are different ways to make new clothes with the old clothes you do have. An example is changing the color with fabric dye or adding designs with paint or even bleach to give it a different color wash. Clothes can be cut to make different patterns or different lengths and styles. Different fabrics can be turned into other accessories like scrunchies, and purses depending on how creative you want to get.