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Ways to Grow Your Social Media Platform

Social media is a huge part of our everyday lives and using these platforms is key to growing your brand, work, name, and so much more. Growing your social media platforms can be difficult but there are ways you can start managing your content to get the most attraction. Here are some simple things you can do to make sure that your socials will steadily grow over time!

Post Consistently

Only posting once in a while will not help your account grow at all. Posting frequently like twice a week or even every day will help you gain an audience. By consistently posting on accounts like Instagram or TikTok, viewers will start to become engaged and interested leading to more interaction with your accounts. Aim to post something once every week and then grow to post two to three times a week. The more you post, the more traction you’ll get!

Connect With Your Audience

When having a platform, the audience you have is the number one thing. You are creating content for your own specific audience so it’s important to always have them in mind. With apps like Instagram, if you set your account as a creator account, you can see the analytics about your audience which can help you a lot. Try to get to know about your viewers and what they seem to engage to more through these tools.

It’s also important to actually connect with them by replying to or liking comments. This will create a sort of community that will keep people coming onto your page.

Use Hashtags

When starting to grow your account, don’t be afraid to use hashtags. Hashtags are what will make your posts much more discoverable. By including some relevant hashtags to your post, it will be sure to increase your viewers as well as engage new audiences. You should do some research on which hashtags are the most relevant to your content and you can add them in your caption or comments, depending on which platform you are using!

Create Your Brand

The most important thing when starting to grow a following for your personal account or a company account is to stay true to yourself. The pressure of posting online or fear of what people might think, etc. can be very toxic. You need to ignore those thoughts and create content that you want to and be your authentic self because that what people want to see. As for company/brand accounts, connecting with your audience and sharing and being real about your company is what is going to attract people to your account.

Photographed by: Madison Paloski!

Social media is something that can be hard to navigate through sometimes but there are things you can do to reduce some of that stress. It may seem simple to just post once or twice a week but it does take effort and time as you need to do things from researching about your audience to what hashtags are relevant. It may not overnight but with time you will see your account grow with your hard work!

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