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Ways To Accessorize Your Outfit

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! I always used to hear this and never really understood the importance of accessories. By accessorizing, you are adding personality and details to your look. Here are some ways you can accessorize your outfit!


Jewelry is the best accessory you can have. By adding simple rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces to an outfit, you can add the final touches to your look. Jewelry allows you to play around and be creative. Add jewelry to a simple outfit and watch your look go from plain to chic real fast.

  • ¬†BAGS

We all know bags are apart of every outfit, but picking the RIGHT bag is crucial to completing your outfit. Your bag needs to match the vibe of your outfit or else it could ruin the whole look. I have a collection of bags so I always have choices when putting together a look. Try to expand your bag collection so it makes it easier when getting dressed.


Hair accessories are my favorite part of an outfit. Lately, little clips and headbands have been making a comeback and I’m here for it! You can also accessorize with barrettes or bandanas as well. Slick back your hair with a claw clip to give more of a chic look, or throw on a headband with some big curls to look more flirty. Scrunchies are also an easy alternative to not doing your hair and still looking cool. Either way, hair accesories are a fun way to add some character to your outfit.