fashion industry

Dysfunctional Power Dynamics Between Artists + Agents

Photos by Jae E Seok

Dysfunctional power dynamics for sure. It runs through every aspect of a model’s career, from castings to getting paid to paying taxes. For example, many models leave their short careers deeply indebted to the IRS. What 19 year old is thinking about paying taxes when one month you make $10,000 and the next 6 months you make $500. Unless they have pro-active parents or are outliers in terms of maturity, no one is looking out for them. Further, when the rest of us are out getting an education models are working. So when they hit their late 20s and jobs dry up they often have huge debt, no skills, and their only recourse is to marry a rich guy or, just use your imagination. It’s bad. Technology alone will solve this.