Trendy nail ideas to try

2021 has brought us so many different new nail trends from minimal to bold and extra. Nails are an important accessory and a fresh set of nails can go a long way. Here are the best nails trends to try out for 2021!

Swirls and Squiggly

Incorporating concepts of both minimal and boldness are these swirly lines and pop of color. This trend can be been done in several ways and in different artistic styles. It is a perfect pop of color that pairs well with many looks.


Why choose only one color when you can have 5 or even 10? This nail art trend consists of painting your nails different colors that follow a similar palette or those that compliment each other. This is a simple way to elevate your nails when you don’t have time to go for a design.

Line Art

Line art designs have become increasingly popular over the past year. They consist of lines that draw out different shapes from faces to a continuous line done in one movement. The precision and attention to detail for these nails are what make them so special.


Sometimes less is more and that is the case with these lovely nails. This trend includes small and simple lines, swirls, and dots. These minimal designs pull off a trendy and sophisticated look.

Multicolored and Bold

These nails are eyecatching and fun, which are perfect for the summertime. This trend can be done with numerous colors and include different designs on each finger. This example shows how nails can be used for self-expression and are the perfect accessory to your look.