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Trends spotted at Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week was packed with fun and stunning looks, from influencers, models, and fashion shows. With the street style of Milan being just as impactful as the runway looks. Here are some of the best trends spotted this week.

Bright Colors

As seen here in a bright orange attire, bold and gleaming tones were trending in the streets of Milan. Look out for hot pink, neon yellows, greens, and orange to add to your closet this season.

Animal Prints

Prints were spotted all over this week especially animal prints. From zebra, cheetah to lion prints, these fierce looks came to make a statement.


Fringe is back and it looks better than ever as seen on these show-stopping bottoms. These lovely details add depth and movement allowing it to elevate any piece.


Always a classic is a good monochromatic look as seen here all dress in an electric blue. This is the perfect way to keep it simple while still making a statement.