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Trend Alert: Indie Sleaze

Forget Y2K. It’s over. Done. Dead. The upcoming trend will be indie sleaze, aka the resurgence of the hipster era of style that occurred from 2008 to 2014. We have reached a point in the trend cycles that we are looking back at fashion from less than 10 years ago.

When you think of indie sleaze think about hipster fashion, Tumblr and MySpace chic, the antithesis to the clean girl aesthetic. We will be seeing quite a lot of hats, dark makeup, leather, and lots of layering. Some specific pieces that were loved during the 2010s were fedoras, leather jackets, skinny jeans, and beanies. These will definitely be making a come back.

People will go from slick back buns and pony tails to shag and messy, slept in hairdos. Instead of light makeup that is meant to appear as a second skin, those following the trend might have dark lip shades and dramatic, dark eye makeup. The trend is meant to seem chaotic in a causal way. Think of how you’d look after going to clubs until 4am and waking up hungover in someone else’s bed.

Indie sleaze’s resurgence is due to the fact that recently younger people online have be romanticizing this era like Gen Z did with the 90s. If the trend cycles keep accelerating, maybe the resurgence of 2020 trends will happen in five years instead of twenty. Are you happy about the acceleration of trends or do you want them to slow down? Do trends still have the same impact that they once had or has individual style reached a point where trends are less effective? Will you be incorporating indie sleaze into your life? Will you continue with the old trends in hopes of something else to come along? Let us know on our social medias.