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TikTok Starts Partnership with Shopify for In-App Shopping

TikTok is currently one of the biggest social media apps of our current time. With millions of users who can create short videos related to virtually anything or just scroll through the universal For You Page; it’s the number one app to stay connected to the biggest trends. As this app has been growing and growing over the past few years, TikTok is now said to have set a partnership with Shopify that could now bring In-App shopping.

Just as Instagram started their In-App shopping in early 2017, we can be expecting to see this on the TikTok app. This will allow users to directly purchase items through the app with the help of Shopify. The world of e-commerce has really grown throughout the last years and especially after the pandemic hit as we were all distancing at home. It’s an extremely convenient way of getting the things you need and supporting the people you want right at your own home. While there are other downsides as the decrease of in-person stores leading to way less interaction between people, this is a great way to continue purchasing in the situation that we are in.

This feature could be a great benefit, especially for small creators, business owners and more as there are currently 36.2 Billion videos with the hashtag #smallbusiness alone promoting and selling their designs, artwork, products, etc. With small businesses being able to have their shops while promoting their products on the app, this could increase business in positive ways. We’re seeing lots of new changes in the way we live and this is one of them.

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