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TikTok Slang 101

If you scroll through TikTok and don’t understand any of the lingo that’s being used– this is for you. Here’s a breakdown of common TikTok slang! You won’t feel out of loop ever again.

Snatched: “She looks SNATCHED!”
To be ‘snatched’ means to look really good and/or fashionable.

Sus: “Her story seemed pretty sus.”
Short for suspicious.

CEO of ____: “Charli D’Amelio is the CEO of dancing.”
Being the best (or worse) at something. It can be used seriously or sarcastically.

No cap: “I saw Justin Bieber the other day no cap.”
When someone adds ‘no cap’ to their statement, it means they’re not lying. In other words, to cap is to lie.

Tea: “She spilled the tea.”
The ‘tea’ refers to gossip.

Shook: “Her latest story time on TikTok left me SHOOK!”
If someone says they’re ‘shook.’ it could either mean they’re surprised, shocked, scared, or all three.