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3 Ways You Can Use ClubHouse to Get Fashion Gigs

Clubhouse is unique in comparison to other social media platforms which is why utilizing it for landing fashion gigs will give you a competitive edge in the industry. 

Follow these three tips to gain exposure and make meaningful connections on ClubHouse:

  • Start a club for other artists of your trade to join! Clubhouse allows users to participate in deeper engagements in comparison to other social media platforms. Creating clubs can foster strong personal and professional industry relationships.
  • Join the conversation in other clubs where fashion industry leaders are running the show. Brands will be all over Clubhouse in the coming months. Engaging with people at the top of your field will help you gain the exposure needed to capture the attention of big brands! Tuning into large rooms hosted by industry leaders allows you to listen and learn from them and gives you the opportunity to ask questions while they speak. They can even bring you “on stage” with them to ask and answer your questions which would be a great way to gain exposure in front of hundreds or sometimes even thousands of other listeners. On the other hand, small rooms offer a space to get deeper into niche topics.
  • Create a “teams” club to collaborate with your professional partners! For example, models can create a club and invite their favorite photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and other artists that they often work with to stay connected and collaborate on projects together. 

Clubhouse gives off an illusion of exclusivity because you must be invited to join the platform, and most users are only allotted five invites. If you haven’t been invited to the platform yet, don’t worry. Our CEO, Michelle McCormack, has a stack of invites to share, so don’t feel shy reaching out to her to get in on the Clubhouse scene!