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The Street Style of Stockholm Fashion Week SS 2022

Over the past week, the Spring/Summer 2022 Stockholm Fashion Week was filled with amazing brands such as Stand Studio, Asket, the H&M X JACOB FELLĂ„NDER and so much more. Of course, as for all fashion weeks, the streets were full of amazing styles and looks that follow some ongoing trends as well as some new ones that we may be seeing more of in the future.


Layering is something that we’ve been seeing a lot and something we continue to see here. Different from the fall/winter layering that we are used to seeing with different jackets and sweaters, were seeing more layering mixed with fun summery dresses and more fall/winter pieces. This is very interesting as there’s the contrast between the two seasons that gives a perfect transition into the fall.

Statement Bags

A pop of color is always fun and that’s is exactly what we see. Whether it be with a full monochromatic look or a look with some bold patterns and a mix of colors, a statement bag with a bold color is something that adds that extra touch to the look.

Fringe and Fuzz

We’re starting to see a comeback for the fringe! Fringe leather jackets are slowly starting to be back on the come-up as we see some looks on the streets. We also see the continuation of the fuzzy trend as we see some bags as well as hats. Both past and present trends are all seen this week.

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