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The Resurgence of the Micro Mini Skirt at NYFW

As New York Fashion Week came and went, a plethora of new trends and styles hit the catwalk to show off what is in store for 2022. One trend that was hard to miss was the comeback of the micro mini skirt.

Mini skirts have been around since the early 1960s and the invention of MOD. MOD, short for the term modernists, defined a group of Brits who dressed with individual expression for one of the very first times in history. For a short history lesson, the revolutionary availability of contraceptives was pivotal in showing women that their purpose wasn’t just in the home without a say. Women were free to choose how they wanted to live their lives in a way that was never an option before, encouraging the rise of individual expression and unique street styles. The mini skirt came about as a way for women to break fashion barriers and dress however they pleased.

As women continued to cultivate their own styles, skirts became even shorter and eye-catching. Celebrities from Paris Hilton to Amanda Bynes to Christina Aguilera were known for their showing off tiny pleated skirts. The iconic mini-skirts, now known as micro mini-skirts, could be worn dressed up or more casual in materials like denim.

Cut over to New York Fashion Week 2022, the micro mini skirt is back and better than ever, being featured in a variety of different fabrics, styles, cuts and colors. Although many designers featured this style in their Fall 2022 collections, two designers mastered the micro mini skirt designs like never before.

LaQuan Smith took the idea of micro mini skirts as high fashion and ran with it. Check out the light brown leather skirts with matching top and jacket, decorated in silver zippers, reflecting the more traditional approach to mini skirts in the past. The featured triangular-cut metallic gold sequined and deep red sequined skirts tied at the waste definitely presented a more upscale and daring look. Most likely the most innovative design was the deep blue covered in a plush fur material and slits on the hip.

Curly Shearling Mini Skirt

Zoomed product view

DAUPHINETTE came in with a different approach, showing off the micro mini skirts in unique and innovative patterns, straying away from the more traditional tweed look. Two eye-catching skirt designs featured an army camouflage pattern and green metallic insect-covered pattern.

The micro mini skirt has come a long way since its roots, but it still holds a special place in the fashion world. After seeing the resurgence at NFYW, it  appears that the skirt is bound to make an appearance this upcoming fall.