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The Prada Nylon Comeback

Prada has made nylon bags a noticeable fashion staple since the late ’90s and early ’00s. This unique designer bag material, typically seen in the crossbody style, appears to waver in and out of fashion. However, the 2019 debut of the iconic 2000 and 2005 re-edition bags seems to be on everything and everyone recently. So, what makes this bag so popular?

According to the Prada Group, they have reportedly claimed that “Prada’s aesthetic evolution chooses nylon as its preferred form of expression,” as it is “a synthetic fiber that generates a functional, resistant, shiny and tactile fabric borrowed from the world of workwear and transformed, by Miuccia Prada, into the best known symbol of her subversive approach to refinement.”

Diving deeper into Prada nylon, the label has joined forces with the textile yarn producer Aquafil, ECONYL® nylon. This partnership ensures that the nylon Prada uses is made out of recycled materials obtained from oceans, fishing nets, and textile fibre waste. Definitely a plus that Prada provides a chic yet sustainable designer bag.

In addition to its sleek and modern look, nylon also provides an easy-to-clean material. This makes Prada nylon purses great for travel and daily use. Specifically looking at the 2005 re-edition, this bag is extremely versatile as it has a long crossbody strap for day and a chain to make it a shoulder bag at night (and check out the gorgeous colors the bag comes in below!). The 2000 re-edition is another versatile bag, lacking the chain detail and crossbody strap. A bit simpler than the 2005, but nonetheless a great shoulder bag.

Modern and fashionable looking? Check. Versatile for day and night? Check. Environmentally sustainable? Check. Easily cleanable? Check. Check. Check. If you’re in the market for a new bag, don’t wait to pick up one of the Prada re-editions before they are out of stock everywhere.