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The No Makeup Look

Wanting to achieve a “no makeup look” while still wearing makeup sound ridiculous right? Well many celebrities and people want to achieve this look because they want to look natural, but still feel good about how they look. Makeup enhances you face and can cover some imperfections we may have, so this is why this trend is so popular. The goal is to look good while still looking natural.

One of the first steps is using a tinted moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and looking balanced. Tinted moisturizers can balance your skin tone and cancel out any redness and even cover a few imperfections depending on the product.

The next step is to use concealer on any imperfections you may have or places you would like to highlight. Concealer is usually used under the eyes to cover any discoloration and to brighten up your eyes.

Next, blush is important because it gives color to your face. Using cream blushes allows it looking more natural since it tends to blend and melt into the skin.

Now, the eyebrows are one of the final steps. It is recommended to brush them out and to use eyebrow gel. One can fill them in, but slightly.

One of the last steps is mascara or no mascara at all. Again, you should not use excessive amount of mascara for this look. You should apply a small amount of none at all.

Other steps you can add into the no makeup look is adding highlight. The highlight should not be super pigmented, but more natural to highlight important places on your face.

All makeup products should be applied in small amounts to create the “no makeup look”. Not all the steps need to be incorporated into this look, the less makeup the more natural you will look.