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The New Sustainable Chloé Collection at Paris Fashion Week

Gabriel Hearst, the new creative director of Cholé has debuted her first in-person collection for the French Fashion House at Paris Fashion Week. This collection was something a bit new for a major fashion house as it focused on the idea of sustainability and eco-friendly materials. The collection included pieces that were hand croched/knitted made with things like deadstock/leftover fabrics and materials from previous collections. It’s said that Hearst hopes this collection as use of sustainable materials will have a “trickle-down” effect on the industry and others will start to follow.

Although the amount of these more sustainable and crafted pieces are limited, Cholé has been making the effort to make larger efforts in the brand. For example, the lining for the brands clothing and bags have been changed to be linen instead of cotton as it produces less greenhouse gases and uses less water. These small steps are great as it will hopefully continue to lead to much more positive changes in the industry as a whole.

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