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The Joker Wins an Oscar w/ the Help of Editorial Makeup on Steroids

The Joker’s Joaquin Phoenix won best actor at the Oscars this past Sunday night. The character “the Joker” who first appeared in Batman in 1940 has been played since by 24 different actors. However, the Joker has never been seen like this before. This version of the character played by Joaquin Phoenix took the editorial style makeup to new heights.

The Joker editorial makeup by Nicki Ledermann

The awards received by this film for hair and makeup helps to prove the recent trend on IG of outrageous editorial makeup to be true.

Joaquin Phoenix has dominated the entertainment industry winning Best Actor at the Oscars 2020

The stand out word that describes the look is “authentic”. A major factor in creating this look was the ability of Joaquin Phoenix to apply it himself on screen as the character is a self made clown that is not overly skilled.

Evolution of the Joker