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The Hottest Must-Have Statement Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to pull an outfit all together while also protecting your eyes from the sun. Statement sunglasses can elevate your looks no matter what. While the simple black sunnies are the perfect basic for everything, there are so many shapes and colors of sunglasses that can add a fun touch.

Chunky Rectangle

I bet we’ve all seen the rectangle sunglasses as it’s been a part of the tiny sunglasses trend. Now, we are seeing more of a chunky look with thick frames in all kinds of colors. These glasses still keep the timeless look of the rectangle sunglasses but can add that pop of color with the bold frame or even a colored lens.

Past and Future

Both the classic pilot aviator sunglasses and the new futuristic-shaped sunglasses are the newest must-have. We see the range of the past and future with these kinds of sunglasses. Again, similar to the chunky rectangular sunnies, the chunky frames are seen in these styles. Both styles add that statement with the bold frame and shape.

Charms and Chains

These incorporates jewelry with you sunnies. With pearls or gems on the frames or having the chain attachment to your sunglasses, these add that extra sparkle and flare to your look. These can be more of an add onto your existing sunglasses when you want to have the extra touch of jewels, pearls, chains or more.

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