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The Best Places to Shop for Luxury Pre-Owned Fashion

We all love designer, who doesn’t? But the prices, not so much. Luckily there are many platforms that give you the opportunity to buy and sell pre-owned designer items. These websites offer you the chance to show off your items and give full detail to the customers about the product, including item condition. You can sell/buy anything ranging from shoes to wallets to clothing pieces.

The first website that I love the most is known as: TheRealReal.

TheRealReal is a website and app that lets you shop designer brands such as Gucci, Prada, Off-White and more! I have bought several things from this website and they have all been in great condition. They offer a variety of products for men, women, and even kids.

The second website is called: Vestiairecollective

This is another platform where you can buy/sell and the prices seem to be more affordable on this website. They have a lot of vintage finds, which is great if you like that style.

The third platform is known as: Depop

Depop is an app that was created to let you sell secondhand clothing. Although you can sell anything, there are a lot of great designer finds on this app as well. If you purchase an item on Depop, you will usually get it within a couple days once the user ships it. I trust depop and have gotten some of my best pieces from this app. Happy Shopping!