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The 60s Fashion Comeback

Fashion is always on a cycle with trends coming and going. As the past fashion trends of the 90s/early 00s were big this year, we’re starting to see a comeback in 60s fashion trends. This trend can show a much more fun and free side of you with a few of these pieces in your wardrobe.

Funky Mini Skirt/Pants

Printed bottoms are all the rage. From the mini skirt to flared pants, having some print on them can add a bit more excitement to your look. Some classic plaid/checkered for the skirt with some bold colors like red or green shows that side of flirty and fun. For the pants, the flared pant bottom cut is a classic silhouette that is coming back. You can keep them neutral with the classic blue wash but having that print with vibrant designs brings your whole look up!

Silk Scarves

Beautifully printed headscarves. This accessory has been growing over the past year and it is one that’s going to stay. Whether you’re wearing these scarves in your hair, through your pant loops, your bag, etc. they can add so much fun with the different prints and colors that they come in.

Vinyl Outerwear

The vinyl fabric is starting to be seen slowly making its comeback. This shiny, slick, and water-repelling fabric was very popular in bright colors used mostly as outerwear. Keep an eye out for this kind of outerwear for that gloomy day.

There are a few more items that we can be expecting to see and for those, make sure to check out these articles to stay in the loop!

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