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3 Easy Ways To Find The Best Linkedin Group for YOU

It takes more than looks or talent to grow your career in the fashion and entertainment industries. It also takes strategy – mainly strategy in networking and getting on the radar of deal makers.

Linkedin is the one social network that practically everyone in busienss uses. And LinkedIn groups can be a powerful way to connect with them – personally. But, groups can be intimidating to join, however with a little guidance it’s a cinch.

Keep in mind, most Linkedin groups are not right for you. Take time to research and find the ones where the members are people and brands you want to work with. Once accepted, you can share your content, post your ideas and views, and connect with great people. Don’t join groups just to join because your feed will end up looking like a firehose of spam!

3 easy ways to find the perfect group

  1. Narrow down your keywords in search to exactly what you are looking for
  2. once you have accepted into the group, take a look at the other member’s pages and see if you are interested in making any connections/ if they have a similar path to yours!
  3. Interact, and ask questions! If nothing being posted in the group is sparking your attention enough to engage, you might want to join a few others.

Good luck out there!