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Target’s Improved Hair Care Section is Changing the Game

Target has brought new hair care brands to their stores and people are raving about them. From new products such as a scalp cleanse, to new clarifying shampoo, they are truly trying to implement better hair care for a more affordable price.

TPH By TARAJI Master Cleanse Scalp Treatment Wash

The Master Cleanse Scalp Treatment is a great product for any type of hair texture. The applicator allows for the product to really cleanse the scalp and gives a tingling cleanse to the head. 

Kristin Ess Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo

This Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo is an excellent way to get rid of any buildup of the hair. It also contains zip up technology, which targets weak spots of the hair and aims to “zip up” split ends.

The Good Stuff Intensive Nourishment Cream No-rinse Conditioner

This No Rinse Conditioner aims to strengthen your hair, moisturize your hair, and protect your hair. It is made for all hair types, and is meant to be put on after towel drying wet hair.