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Sweater Essentials For The Fall

Now that Fall is right around the corner, we are beginning to transition into the pre-fall fashion. As we begin to wear jackets over our outfits and wear warmer clothes in general, we cannot forget sweaters. There are so many ways your can style your sweaters but it’s important to have the best ones. As there are so many patterns, colors, fits, and materials, here are some essential sweaters for this year’s Fall.

Fun Patchwork/Pattern

The colorful patchwork or patterns in a sweater is something that is essential as it adds texture and pop to your look but it’s also something that we can be expecting to see a lot more of. The sort of loose but intentional look of the colors and patterns of the sweater can add a lot to the fall. I feel that it’s important to keep that bright pop of color, even in the fall to add some fun to the neutral and earthy tones of the fall.

Chunky Cable Knit

The classic cable knit sweater is always great to have in your closet. With this pattern, a more chunky and thicker material sweater is beginning to be a bit of a trend for this fall. Having this type of cozy chunky sweater will save you especially if you are located where it gets super cold and snows.


Now you may not things cardigans are sweaters but I feel that they can very much be worn as a sweater. Especially the current ones that a beginning to trend such as fun prints to again add that statement to your look. If that’s not your style, a nice simple colored possibly oversized cardigan adds that casual but sophisticated look for any casual occasion.

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