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Sustainable Clothing Brands to Follow

Sustainability has been a big topic to better our environment. From changing our lifestyle habits by reusing things like Tupperware and bags to the certain products we use for our skin, etc. It may seem that these are the only things that can be eco-friendly but even the clothes you wear have a big impact on our environment. There are billions of dollars worth of fabrics just leftover and sitting around in warehouses waiting to just be burned or thrown away. Here are two companies that are taking these fabrics and reusing them to create new fabrics for much sustainable use.


This brand created by Ophelia Chen and Abi Lierheimer using their signature fabric, TENCEL™. Using deadstock fabrics as well as trees, the material is 100% compostable in 8 weeks. With each purchase, the company plants 10 trees in partnership with ONE TREE PLANTED. As both founders are Chinese-American, they “…bridge East and West youth culture & are dedicated to expressing our inner absurdities”

Check out their website here:

Established in 2009, Christpher Raeburn has created this line with the idea of sustainability in mind. By using deadstock fabrick and garments, he creates unique and sustainable pieces. He has also been the winner of a 2020 Fashion Award in the Honourees of the Environment category.

Check out their website here:

There are so many other brands that are beginning to use much more sustainable sources of fabrics. Although it’s definitely difficult to completely change your wardrobe, it’s great to slowly beginning to support these brands to have more sustainability in your life.

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