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Sustainable Brands to add to your closet

Sustainability is more important now more than ever, it’s also more accessible now more than before. These brands can help you build a better closet for you and the environment.


ThredUP is an online thrift store that allows consumers to buy and sell secondhand clothing. They believe in a sustainable future and are able to do that by avoiding clothing waste and extending the lifecycle of clothing. They have even collaborated with influencers such as Vienna Skye to promote sustainability. This allows the pleasure of going thrifting with the comfort of staying in.


Pact is a brand whose mission is to be “Earth’s favorite company”. They grow organic cotton which cuts down on water waste and avoids toxic chemicals. They offer Carbon offset delivery and packaging, which are small steps that make a big difference. A great place to purchase cute eco-friendly basics at a reasonable price.


Patagonia has been well known as a sustainable brand over the years. They offer a variety of athletic and outdoor clothing/gear. Patagonia works towards social equality for its workers and using sustainable materials. Their website offers more in-depth details about their supply chain and how they are working towards a better future.