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Spotted at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week is the leading Nordic biannual fashion week held in January/February and August. Fashion leaders attend four days of showcases and events. Sustainability is the core focus area for Copenhagen Fashion Week this year. It strives towards making substantial changes and influencing the rest of the industry. Here are some of the best looks spotted so far.


Regardless of gender, several suits and blazers were spotted during the week. Worn in several different styles and aesthetics shows the versatility of this closet staple.

Mix n Match

These looks fit perfectly into the theme of sustainability and embrace the importance of extending the life of your clothes. They are able to make a bold statement with their unique and sustainable clothing.

Hi-tech Fabric

This dress is made with a high-tech jersey which is able to provide a pleated effect. It is from the brand Appareal, which uses recycled materials to make its fabric.

Bold Colors

No matter where you look, bright and fun colors will catch your eye during this week. Several neons and bright colors were spotted, which were rocked in confidence and finesse.