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Siren Eyes: Best Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

The newest makeup trend taking over social media is “siren eyes.” They have been deemed the best eyeliner shape for hooded eyes. Multiple influencers have been putting this specific application of eyeliner to the test and there has only been great feedback.

This process begins by looking directly forward into a mirror and then drawing the wing outwards. Make sure to only draw the line up to the middle of the pupil. The next step is what makes this eyeliner different. Instead of having the wing only on the top lid’s lash line, you need to bring the liner down to the bottom lash line as well. Make sure to connect the lines into one smooth piece. After that, draw a small line in the inner corner of the eye. These are the basic steps of the liner. Some makeup artists have added more line into the crease of the eye and smoke it out with some darker colored shadow. Regardless, everyone is loving it.

However, some people feel like this trend is just a previous eyeliner application being redone. Are we at the point where all the trends have been recycled? Y2K trends happened less than 20 years ago and everyone is obsessed now. What will happen after Y2K is over? Only time will tell.

Regardless of what makeup becomes trendy next, more people are finding the look that they love most and that’s the best part. Everyone is expressing themselves more and more each day. Self-expression is the best part of makeup and we hope you enjoy this trend and what’s to come!

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