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Rings That Can Add to Your Look

Jewelry has always been key to add and spice up your look as some looks aren’t complete without some jewelry. Whether it’s a casual look with the trendy chunky beaded necklaces or a simple layered chain look with the classic small hoops or a fancy look with full diamond necklaces and rings, it adds a lot to a look.

Rings are pieces that can stand out as you can pair them according to your look and even your nails. As they can also be casual or fancy, they are the perfect pieces to throw on.

Acrylic Colorful Rings

As you’ve probably seen all over social media, acrylic rings are a fun trend that can add a pop of color. They come in all types of colors, shapes, and even thicknesses. The chunky trend seems to be a common theme as these acrylic rings are most known for their chunky style. These are super bold and vibrant and will be able to add that pop of color to any look. If you don’t prefer these chunky rings, there are plenty of thin acrylic rings that can also add that fun pop of color to your look.

Bold Gems

Having a bold-colored gem can make a huge statement. With either a simple gold or silver band with the addition of a bold gem stone has that vintage look with that very elegant and classic feel.

Thin Band

In contrast to the bold colorful rings, a simple mix of thin gold/silver band rings look very classy and chic. They add that bit of shine to your hands when you want to keep things simple while making a statement. Rather than all the bling, the simple thin bands can also make your look so much more elevated.

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