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Re/Done Partnership with The Jeans Redesign Project

Recently, the LA brand Re/Done has teamed up with The Jeans Redesign Project to create a small collection of new sustainable jeans. Made from `100% responsibly sourced cotton as well as recycled fabrics, there are three 70s inspired jeans in this collaboration. The three styles include a boot-cut, stovepipe, and a high rise wide-legged style.

The Jeans Redesign Project is a group of 80 denim experts that has joined together with many brands such as Ganni, Asos, Good American and so much more to bring out the idea of creating jeans made through the cycling of used clothing. By taking existing clothing and reusing the material to create new jeans is the main focus of this project. Many brands have started to do this which is great as it gets us slowly transforming into a much more eco-friendly industry.

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