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Quick Tricks to Boost Your Tik Tok Followers

Tik Tok is obviously one of the most popular social media platforms out there at the moment and I have a few tricks to help you boost your follower count. After immense research and studying how the Tik Tok algorithm works, i’ve come up with the following tricks.

Going Live:

Going LIVE on tik tok can immediately increase your followers and it’s that easy. If you livestream on the app, your video will pop up on random FYP’s and people will begin to watch and engage and even follow! You don’t even have to be exciting–you can literally be sitting on the livestream just talking and answering questions. I guarantee you will get at least 5o followers if you engage in live-streaming everyday.

Following the trends:

Another quick way to get followers and increase your chances of your video blowing up is by following the trends being created on tik tok. New songs and sounds pop up everyday and if you use one of the popular ones on your video, you have more of a chance of it going viral. If you post a video following a trend such as a dance, or something funny, you will also have more of a chance of it going viral and getting hundreds of followers.

Posting consistently:

Tik Tok wants you to keep posting–in fact, they want you to post several times a day. By doing this, you will continue to get more followers and more engagement because you are being consistent on the app. People like to follow you for a reason, so the more you post, the more you will continue to draw people in. One video a week is not helping your follower count go up, try to post continually and see how this helps out your account.