Q+A with Xhris

Xhris is a model based in NYC. We asked him a few questions about his experience as a model down below:

1.What advice would you give someone that wants to get into modeling?

Shoot as much as you can with as many photographers as possible to build confidence and comfortability in front of the camera. Ask to see the images as they’re being shot, so you know what you can improve during the shoot. Focus on making the lighting work for you. Slightly tilting your face towards the light can help eliminate unflattering shadows.

Remember both face AND BODY should look interesting in images, so remember to give different angles and shapes with your limbs!

2.Tell us the craziest thing thats ever happened to you on a photoshoot. 

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything too crazy while shooting….YET! Haha.

3.Whats your favorite shoot that you’ve worked on? 

I think my favorite shoot would have to be my very first shoot with New York photographer Ira Viridiano. I learned so much from his direction. He was probably one of the first people to really believe in me as a model. We shot with beauty lighting which was a first for me. I remember seeing the raw images in the monitor and I couldn’t believe it was me! That was the first time I believed I could really DO IT!

4.During quarantine, did you do any Face Time shoots? How did it go? 

I didn’t actually do shoots via FaceTime, but thanks to Casting Coin, I did my first remote shoot! It was really fun and taught me how to work with shooting a product and take direction from the client.

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