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PR Packages: Are They Wasteful?

PR Packages sent to fashion and makeup influencers on a variety of platforms help promote brands and products to a wide range of audiences. They’re definitely helpful for companies who want to get the word out on things like their new fashion ranges, make up lines or even just for new companies to raise awareness about their own existence, but are they wasteful?

To help determine whether they are wasteful or not, one must first define what can be wasted. Typically, time, money (or goods), and energy can be wasted. When companies send out a PR packages, time, money, and energy are definitely being expended, however as long as their initial value (or higher) is being redeemed through various means (i.e. brand recognition, boosts in sales, credibility etc) one can assume the company has not wasted anything by sending out their PR package. Take for example the makeup company Beauty Blender who sent out a PR package containing twenty-four different foundation shades to various content creators. Overall the business did see an increase in both sales and brand recognition after the PR packages rolled out, so when looking at things from the company’s standpoint, virtually nothing has been expended that wasn’t redeemed for some kind of benefit.

However, when looking from a more general standpoint, there is a different story told. One of the things most definitely expended in all PR packages is goods, and especially so in the case of the aforementioned Beauty Blender example with all of those different foundation shades. Focusing in on those shades, one can clearly see that the amount of goods being expended is definitely not being justifiably redeemed, as any content creator (or person in general for that matter), regardless of who they are, would at most be able to use only a small fraction of the twenty-four drastically different shades provided by Beauty Blender. This waste of goods directly translates to a waste of money as more product needs to be made yet only a small portion of it will ever be used. And when one really grinds down to the minutiae of it all, other aspects are being wasted as well. The time spent packaging larger products compared to smaller ones, although only a very minor difference, perhaps only a few seconds at most per product, those seconds definitely accumulates over time. And what about energy? Workers and delivery drivers having to lift and move more weight than necessary deplete their energy levels for no real gain. From a general standpoint, one could absolutely and justifiably make the claim that PR packages are wasteful.

Ultimately, there are arguments for both sides, and countless more contributing factors at play that could determine whether or not PR Packages are wasteful. But what do you think? Are they wasteful or purely beneficial? Or perhaps it’s not as simple as one or the other? Let us know on our social medias.