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Popular Fall Trends of 2021

With Fall right around the corner, we are beginning to see some trends making a comeback this season. Summer is ending and fall is quickly approaching so its important to stay on top of the trends so you’re in the loop! Here are a couple trends that aren’t going anywhere:

Sweater Vests – Who doesn’t love a good sweater vest? Whether its plain or has a pattern, sweater vests are the perfect addition to your outfit. I like wearing sweater vests with a long sleeve shirt underneath giving off a good school girl vibe. You can pair this with jeans or even a mini skirt; its the perfect combination for Fall.

Leather Jackets – I don’t think leather jackets ever go out of style but this is one trend we have seen multiple times during the fall, creating a trendy, chic look. Pair a leather jacket with some jeans and knee high boots and your ready for this season.

Cowboy boots – This is one trend I am a huge fan of. Cowboy boots make your outfit go from boring to fun! There are so many different colors and styles of boots, you can never go wrong. We’ve seen them become insanely popular this past year but I think this Fall we will be seeing more of them.

Puffer Jackets – Puffer jackets have our hearts. We love a good puffer paired with any type of outfit. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of puffer jackets this fall/winter season and i’m not mad about it.