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Platforms of the Season

Just when you think the craziest trends are out of style, they make their way back into our hearts! Platforms are back and ready to make an appearance in your fall wardrobe. Many brands have been putting out platform boots recently and people are comparing them to a “Bratz Doll” type of vibe.

Olivia Rodrigo made an outing in her viral Tik Tok boots made by Marc Jacobs. The internet went crazy over the look and now everyone is trying to score a pair of similar boots. Some brands that are selling the platform boots include Dolls Kill, Naked Wolfe, and Urban Outfitters. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of these boots this winter. If you are included on fashion Tik Tok, you probably have seen these viral boots once or twice. These boots make your Y2K look even better– I’ve already secured my pair!