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Photographer Hope Glassels Favorite Things

Editorial and Portrait Photographer, Hope Glassel loves to break down barriers and uses her creativity to create meaningful work. In this week’s interview, we asked Hope about her favorite things relating to her career.

1.Favorite work:

2. Favorite subjects:

My favorite subjects are anyone who brings energy and excitement to the table! I’m lucky to get to work with a pretty wide variety of people, but my favorites are always the ones who show up energized and ready to have a good time. It’s definitely a gift when I get to work with people willing to trust in me & share their creative visions and input with me! It’s really fun to work with models who have a good deal of experience because it makes the whole shoot run a bit faster & more seamlessly, but energy is the most valuable.

3. Favorite clients:

My favorite clients are the ones who give me their vision and let me run with it! A lot of times, I get clients with really specific visions which is also great, but often times I also get clients who really just want me to do my thing & those jobs are the most fun for me. No surprise there! Specifically though, my fashion and lifestyle clients are what I enjoy the most. I really enjoy shooting people, so apparel is great because there’s always a model in it!

4. Favorite locations:

I love anything unique or hidden, Joshua Tree is one of the most beautiful places I’ve gotten to work in so far! Honestly I’ve become partial to studio shoots (something I never thought I’d say) because of the flexibility it gives me with set design. I love it when the sets look really funky and imaginative, not like something you’d walking down the street.

5. Favorite photographer in history:

Well, I’m not much of a history geek so unfortunately my roster doesn’t go too far back right now. Some of my all-time favorites at the moment, though, are Tim Walker and Petra Collins. They both play with fantasy and imagination a lot, and I love the work they and their set designers do. They’re both true visionaries, something I’d like to call myself!

6. All-time favorite job:

Oh man, is it bad that I don’t have an answer to this? Every shoot gives me an opportunity to explore a new interest or do something I’ve been wanting to try, they all kind of become my favorite in that way. I can confidently say I’m trained and skilled in my craft, but I also feel like I still learn a million new things on every shoot. In that way, I feel like my all-time favorite job is something I’m still working up to. I can feel it coming, but it’s still taking shape.