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Pandora Me Relaunch

Pandora re-launches its Pandora Me collection which is targeted towards Gen-Z’s. This collection first introduced the collection with Millie Bobby Brown as the head of the campaign. This time around the campaign introduced four similar faces. Tiktokers, Addison Rae, Donté Colley, and Cecilia Cantarano, along with singer/songwriters Charli XCX and Beabadoobee. This collection is supposed to allow you to express your personality by letting you mix and match to create different looks.

Pandora allowed their customers to have a sneak peak if they signed up or already are part of Pandora Club. Pandora Club members had a sneak peak to the collection on September 28,2021 when the collection dropped to the public on September 30, 2021.

Now that the collection has been dropped you can go out and buy styling accents, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Pandora allows you to personalize these things with their styling connectors and styling links. There are options for you to mix and match and add on to with the new mini dangles. 

Pandora Me is targeted to Generation Z. The approach to target them was to have the face of celebrities and influencers who are well known to this generation. This generation has a lot of creative freedom, so Pandora wanted to bring this to their brand to attract and appeal to their target market. Now it’s their job to start shopping and to get creative.