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Optimizing Pinterest: How to Re-vamp your Profile

Just because you upgraded your Pinterest account to a business profile doesn’t mean your work ends there! Your first impression of your brand/business on Pinterest is your profile. If people are drawn to your content, the first thing they will do is head over to your profile to see if they can find my images they resonate with.

Therefore, it is imperative that your profile is in tip top shape. After all, it is a representation of your brand and so it should clearly paint the picture of what message you want to deliver with just one glance.

Some steps you can take to optimizing your Pinterest account for business purposes include:

  • Make your brands logo your profile picture
  • Develop a description that concisely sums up what your brand is AND includes key-words that tie into SEO optimization
  • Link your businesses website
  • Create and post aesthetic content that will draw in viewers

See how Casting Coin optimizes their Pinterest profile here !