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Optimizing Pinterest: How Rich Pins And Super Pin Status Can Grow Your Audience

Want to expand your business or companies audience without having to run adds or spend extra money? Pinterest can be a game changer when it comes to growing your businesses audience and it helps to get your content and website seen! By optimizing Pinterest as a business tool, you can create “rich pins” which essentially have a greater chance of reaching a larger audience.

So… what is a rich pin? A pin is considered “rich” when you include a title, description, and destination link (which for businesses purposes would be a link to a page on your companies site). This gives the pin more credibility and more substance to climb the Pinterest algorithm in order to get seen more quickly.

The more content on your companies site, the more content you have to pin! You can achieve super pin status by pinning up to 5 pins per day with destination links leading back to your website. In order to keep this status you must pin daily! This can also lead to more traffic back to your website.

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