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On The Rise: Digital Fashion

We all know how much technology has been growing over these past years. It’s something that incorporated into almost all part of our lives and now it has recently entered the fashion world. Companies like Dress-X, The Fabricant, and Carlings are leading this new industry to reimagine fast and high fashion.

Grace Caroline

What is Digital Fashion?

Digital Fashion is basically what you think it might be! Digitialized Fashion. Clothing that is made through computer software and pixels rather than made with tangile textiles like we wear everyday. This new virtual closet that we can have is super exiting and has so many pros compared to just buying clothes.


The fashion industry has a huge negative impact on our environment. According to Taylor Ball from UX Planet, 8-10% of the global gas emissions come for the fashion industry and almost 3/5 of all clothing ends up landfills or incinorators within a few years being made. This is terrible but not something that is talked about a lot. However, now with digital fashion all this impact can be reduced greatly. As digital fashion does not require so much production as making actual clothes does, it is a much more sustainable option for having clothes.

As many people do like to have the tangible material and being able to actually wear clothes, having both a virtual and real wardrobe could at least slightly improve the environmental impact that the fashion industry has. It’s something to consider in the future as this technology will advance and will soon become much more known.


This new form of fashion promotes the idea that anyone can wear anything. No matter your size, gender, etc. digital fashion is all about wearing what you want to wear. This also gives so much freedom to what types of clothes you can wear as well. With the use of this technology, companies and create clothing with amazing textures and effects that real fabric could never do. It gives the opportunity to those who want, to have this ability to wear things they can only imagine. They will be able to express themselves way more through the things they digitally wear.

Altorrin McIntyre

Digital Fashion has been around for a very few years and is something that is continuously being improved. We can definitely expect to see much more of this amazing technology in fast and high end fashion brands. As it give us such a new perspective of what fashion could be and has all the pros of helping out environment, it’s something that should be taken seriously and with great interest. Make sure to keep an eye out for these companies beginning to use more digitalized fashion and support the companies you can by trying them out yourself!

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