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Monochrome For Fall 2020

One trend you can expect to see throughout the rest of 2020 is monochrome outfits. Whether it be sweat suits to pant suits, a one color look is the trend to hop on! 

Monochrome outfits are a very chic and put together look. They are a simple option that allows you to mix and match. People love the idea of buying a whole outfit as a set, which they can further develop into their own unique style. This trend is very popular and upcoming, as it allows the customers to do a lot of their own takes on the outfit.

Monochrome sets started gaining popularity when activewear sets started to sell pieces that you could mix and match. These sets got bigger as more brands started hopping on the trend. One major brand to take it further with monochrome sets and come out with monochrome sweat suits was  “Aritizia.” You can shop their looks here:

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