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Meet Koi

Recently signed with Casting Coin, Koi is a model and influencer from Brooklyn, NY. She is 23 years old and has been building her platform very successfully.  Koi first got into social media at a very young age because she wanted to find a way to network with others. Growing up a theatre kid, Koi would use social media to share her content and often viewed it as an outlet.

Koi says she likes to use her platform to “keep people informed about things that I think are important like LGBTQ+ and diversity, mental health issues.” She also likes using it as a form of communication and marketing for creative work opportunities. Koi’s platform consists of a diverse audience, as it is full of the LGBTQ+ community and other creatives within the industry. 

Not only is Koi an influencer throughout social media, but she is a model as well. Koi started modeling at 16, and her passion only grew as time went on. She says her two passions “work hand in hand because they both allow me to do something I enjoy while showing people that there’s more to me than just a face selling something. I love interacting with people so it’s a win/win on both ends.” 

Koi’s modeling career actually sparked her interest in being an influencer. She wanted to be an example for people to see that anyone should be able to do what makes them happy. 

“As a disabled non binary black person- the margin of opportunities are a bit different for me, but I always put myself out there so that the next child that sees me knows that they can do it too.”


Overall, Koi wants to be known for encouraging people to be their truest selves. By using her platform as a form of advocacy for mental health issues and the LGBTQ+ community, Koi wants to push past boundaries – not just for herself, but for other marginalized communities too. 

Follow Koi on Instagram and TikTok @Koitheag