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Shoot Story: Robert Redford, Sundance, and Me

A decade ago, we were on a photo shoot at Sundance, Robert Redford’s place up in Utah. The first night we met Robert’s “people” for dinner. It was me, the photographer, the magazine editor and Robert’s publicists. At first I was shy, but then we started drinking – a lot… each one of us went around the table and told about our favorite work trip that year (we travel 300+ days a year). Redford’s main publicist was so stuck up – all braggy and fake. But I liked her ok until she had too much booze in her and asked me to standup and twirl around so she could see the back of me. Vodka-soaked I did and she and the other publicists were like “she’s perfect for him, just his type”. Meaning Redford, of course. I don’t know why they wanted to give him a present, but I was a lesbian at the time and I turned them down flat. The magazine editor was so mad and apologized to me later. I wasn’t really bothered. When we met Redford the next night for dinner the publicists were no where to be seen. I have a feeling the powerful editor said something. And in the end Robert was a perfect (wind-worn) gentleman.