Photographer Matt Licari Rock + Roll Show in Greenwich 🎸

Born and raised in New York City, Matt Licari is a well-known photographer for taking sensational portraits. Licari has an upcoming show from February 20 to March 21 in Greenwich, Connecticut, which is just an easy train ride from Grand Central Station.

The show in Greenwich will contain nineteen large, framed, photographic prints of famous rock & roll performers during their performances or in a scheduled portrait session. These prints are limited edition, so there are only a few copies of each portrait.

In the midst of a global pandemic, taking phenomenal photographs as these has definitely altered the way of life for Licardi, but regardless, he still remains inspired throughout.

“I live and breathe taking photographs. It always depends on the comfort level and circumstances for each shoot, but I make sure to take all the necessary precautions to be able to shoot during these times,” says Licari.

Despite whatever is thrown his way, Licardi always remains inspired. He puts 110% in each of his photographs, and he is extremely grateful to have a chance to share his work with others!

Gallery address
Galerie 888
96 Greenwich Ave.
Greenwich, Connecticut

Opening reception
February 20
1 pm to 4 pm